Neighbouring Canberra to the west, Gundagai in one sense is a new and exciting region. New in the sense that there a very few wines being produced, labelled and sold as Gundagai Shiraz but certainly not new in terms of viticulture. Vines have been around in Canberra just as long as Canberra.
Climatically Gundagai shares some similarities with Canberra with very cool night time temperatures however is marginally warmer during the day. Where spice and perfume characterise Canberra Shiraz, density and power typify Gundagai Shiraz.
The 2012 Gundagai Shiraz, sourced form a single vineyard on the Murrumbidgee River represents exactly what Gundagai Shiraz is all about. Power and density wrapped up in a medium bodied style.


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