High Country

Our country

The home of Eden Road stretches across the deeply eroded mountain ranges of Southern New South Wales.

The Eden Road estate vineyard and winery is located just south of the village of Murrumbateman, at the heart of what is known as the Canberra Wine District. Eden Road also makes wines from vineyards established in ideal locations in Gundagai, Tumbarumba, and the Hilltops region.

Amongst the sheep paddocks of Gundagai, the mountains of Tumbarumba and our home in the village of Murrumbateman lies some of the oldest soils on earth. Formed over 400 million years ago by rich rain forests and dense wetlands, this environment is ready to be developed into world class terroir. Despite being a young company, Eden Road is privileged to be making wine from some of the oldest soils on Earth.

We certainly were not the first to identify the potential for this wonderful country.  In the early 1980s, research programmes funded by the largest wine companies in Australia discovered new regions for growing vines capable of producing great red and white wines.

That source identified a then-logging community of Tumbarumba perfect for growing Chardonnay and Pinot.  Gundagai's rich terra rossa soil - deposited from South Australia some 1.5 million years ago - ensures an ideal setting for producing quality Shiraz.

In a separate development in the early 1970s, a scientist from the Australian CSIRO and Department of Agriculture pioneered NSW vineyards in what is now misleadingly the Canberra Wine District. The two locations were to the north east of Canberra on Lake George, and a tiny village to the North West called Murrumbateman. Eden Road's estate was planted two years later in 1975 on this site.
Eden Road is privileged to be making wine from some of the oldest soils on Earth.
It is has been said that truly great wine is rare because great terroir is rare. The struggle of a vine to survive produces the qualities expressed in a fine wine.

The Jewel

Murrumbateman is the jewel of the Canberra Wine District. The Canberra Wine District is not actually located in the Australian Capital Territory (“ACT”) but in the district of New South Wales surrounding the ACT, especially Bungendore and Lake George to the north-east, and Murrumbateman to the north-west.


Winemaking in the Canberra Wine District began in the 1840s, but despite several generations of growing success, the sheer difficulty of growing vines in  the high country's cold and dry conditions prevented the early vignerons from building critical mass.

Modern Era

The modern founders of the Canberra District Wine Region possess scientific backgrounds. Ken Helm and Dr. John Kirk, who established the world-renowned Helm and Clonakilla vineyards, and Dr. Edgar Riek, who established vineyards in the Lake George area, were all working scientists at the CSIRO.

Evidently, the cold climate is not a major issue - certainly not compared to winters in Burgundy, Bordeaux or along the Rhine. Murrumbateman now demonstrates that it is a superb site with a precious terroir. Today, the Canberra Wine District, particularly Murrumbateman, is acknowledged as the home of world-class terroir brands, such as Clonakilla, Long Rail Gully, Ravensworth, Helm and Eden Road.