Eden Road Australian Boutique Winery

Our style

In 2011, Eden Road acquired its beautiful estate vineyard and winery from the Moran Family, moving some 40km up the Barton Highway from its previous premises - the old Kamberra Winery.

The winery's main attraction was its scale and superior technical standard, providing the perfect location and environment for Eden Road to craft our unique wines.

Winemaking at Eden Road is focuses on the gentle and unobtrusive expression of terroir.  Diligence and attention to detail in every aspect of our winemaking is required in order to achieve the exceptional quality of Eden Road wines.

Work in Eden Road's cellar is continuously becoming more laborious, for example, as we rely less on pumps and more on gravity to move wine around the winery.



Although few companies as young and small as Eden Road have made wines that have won so many awards, vinification at Eden Road is designed to bring out the expressive potential in each bottle of shiraz, pinot noir, chardonnay and riesling over many decades--long after the award season is gone and forgotten.