Eden Road is an award-winning winery and estate based in Australia’s cool capital. In the highlands of the Canberra Wine District, we grow and produce our wines across a number of different regions designed to capture the full body of the land.
The truest Terroir begins with the purest natural elements. Across Canberra’s wine district, our team of specialists have hand-selected the ideal micro-climates that promise nothing less than the best quality Riesling, Syrah, Chardonnay
and Pinot Noir in Australia.
Known throughout the region for their unique characteristics and complexity, our cool climate wines are a true expression of their environment.
Wine-making is a cultivated craft, an artform grounded in balance. Applying creativity with tradition, we instil each bottle with a signature flavour that reflects its unique and intricate nature.

Our Philosophy

Wine is special. It complements so many moments and occasions in our lives.

From vine to bottle, our approach to wine-making is based on purity by truly revealing the expression of our vineyards' terroir.  Eden Road brings you somewhere pure, timeless, and true.