Meet the Team

Wine Makers

At Eden Road we pride ourselves on Sustainability, and we have been doing as much as we can little by little to become as sustainable as possible. For instance we have banned the use of herbicide across everything and have worked our vineyard towards a complete organic philosophy.

Our Award Winning Wine Maker

Celine Rousseau

Eden Road Wines is proud to have the award-winning Celine Rousseau as Winemaker and Manager at Eden Road.

Celine arrived in Western Australia in 1997 and is recognised by her peers as one of the finest winemakers in Australia. Born in Paris and trained in Bordeaux, she honed her skills in Chateaux in Bordeaux, Champagne and Languedoc in France, as well as top Western Australian wineries. In that time, she made her mark winning the prestigious ‘Qantas Young Winemaker of the Year’ award.

Celine joins Eden Road from the very well-respected NSW High Country winery Chalkers Crossing, where she was founding Winemaker and Manager since 1999. Celine has a true passion for winemaking with a host of awards to her name.

These include:
  • 4 trophies at the 2016 National wine show including Champion wine of the show
  • 5 Stars – James Halliday Wine Companion
  • 5 Stars – ‘Wine’ Gourmet Traveller magazine
  • 5 trophies at the 2016 KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show – Chalkers Crossing Shiraz
  • Top 100 NSW Wines
  • Gold Medal at Syrah du Monde, France

Meet the makers

Wine Makers

At Eden Road we pride ourselves on Sustainability, and we have been doing as much as we can little by little to become as sustainable as possible. For instance we have banned the use of herbicide across everything and have worked our vineyard towards a complete organic philosophy.

Maragle Wines

Ian & Lise Bell

Ian and Lise Bell have been growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for Eden Road’s winemaker Celine Rousseau from their Tumbarumba vineyard for over 20 years. The Bells cite a relationship with Eden Road built on trust as the magical ingredient to Eden Road’s much applauded Pinot Noir, and gold medal-winning Tumbarumba Chardonnay produced from their grapes; ‘She knows our vineyard very, very well. She knows what I’m up to, and I know what she expects’.

With farming in the blood having been originally born in the area and educated at nearby Murandigi College at Wagga, and as a long-term volunteer fixed-wing pilot with the local CFA, Ian Bell is no stranger to the changing nature of the local terroir. Blessed with a unique micro-climate, the property enjoys vast temperature variation, with the vines configured to enjoy the fluctuating temperature’s influence on the grape’s ripening phase, and in turn, the quality.

With topsoils of granite-laced clay loam layered across a mineral–rich red soil irrigated with clean water, the vineyard’s valley topography ensures good airflow during the warmer days, and a thick shroud of cooler air at night when the temperature drops, as the cooler air flows back down the valley, maximising the undulation of warmer and cooler temperatures throughout the valley.


Cathy Gairn

Cathy Gairn grows Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier for Eden Road’s signature Tumbarumba blend from her high altitude vineyard. With a philosophy of working in tune with the natural elements, changing tact as the weather requires, Courabya produces fruit with high complexity of flavours in their vineyard, which creates delicate flavours and retains a lot of natural acid for a clean, crisp wine with longevity in the bottle.

Planting her vines in 1992, Gairn was one of the pioneer cool climate growers in the Tumbarumba region stepping into viticulture from a lifelong horticultural passion, propagating her early cuttings including some hailing originally from Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

With excellent drainage provided by friable soils of red granite over sands, sitting above a clay layer one metre down, the crop is well-drained from seasonal rains, and deep, drought-resistant roots of three or four metres depth drawing natural moisture and minerals from deep in the earth’s rich clay, Courabyra’s fruit promises to continue improving with age.

Mannus Wines

Stuart Barclay

Stuart Barclay is one of Eden Road’s dedicated Pinot Noir growers, a second-generation vinyard and cattle farmer located in the Tumbarumba Region.

Planted by father and son when Stuart first left school in 1993, Mannus Wines’ rootlings originally hailed largely from South Australia’s famous sparkling crops.

Sitting a proud 720m above sea level, Mannus Wines’ soils vary from the region’s customary granitic soils, to more basalt conditions upon deep red soils with above-average 38-inch rainfall creating good vigour to the vines.

Since its early beginnings, Mannus Wines’ increasing demand for the popular dry red Pinot Noir variety has seen the vineyard moving back to a more traditional cane-pruned system of growing, thinning out the canopy by hand to allow the sun-ripened fruit to mature in depth, colour and complexity.

Eden Road Cellar Door

Guillermo Moreno Torres

Meet Eden Road’s passionate Cellar Door Manager Guillermo, or ‘Mr G’ as he is widely known. Following a varied and esteemed academic journey collecting qualifications across Industrial Engineering, English language, and a Master’s in Marketing Management, Colombian native Guillermo Moreno Torres received a scholarship in Marketing Science completing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Buyer Behaviour at the University of South Australia, where his attention was naturally drawn to the region’s wines. Fascinated by human behaviour and passionate about the worlds of wine and hospitality, Guillermo embarked upon Wine and Sommelier studies, combined with late nights of front-of-house work in several renowned hospitality venues, while furthering his wine understanding and appreciation; attending wine courses, shows and exploring wine regions across SA. Being awarded his Level 2 WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Intermediate Certificate in 2012, then his Sommelier accreditation by the CMS (Court of Master Sommeliers) in 2013, enabled Guillermo to hone his career in Wine Sales, passionately bridging the gap between grape growers, winemakers, and consumers. In 2019, Guillermo was invited to join the elite team at Eden Road Wines as their Cellar Door Manager, where Guillermo relishes the chance to articulate the art of grape growing and winemaking to consumers through immersive, educational wine tasting experiences; matching people to their perfect drop.